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How A Paintball Gun Works

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Paintball Information
Your first time playing paintball you may be very nervous about being hit. "Does it hurt?" is a very common question for those people playing for the first time.

So, does it hurt? Well, look at it this way... Have you ever been whipped with a wet towel or flicked with a rubber band? If so, then you know how it stings for a second but then goes away? It's like that. Stings briefly but then it goes away. One thing I can tell you for sure - it won't be anywhere near as bad as you think it might be.
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Paintball Equipment
When you first decide paintball is the best sport in the world :), you will realize you need equipment. But where do you start? What's good and what's not?

You can get a good beginner gun, air tank, and mask for under $150. I HIGHLY recommend a Tippmann or a Spyder. Tippmann guns are extremely reliable and you'll have a hard time breaking it :). Spyders are also a great beginner gun, and very upgradable. Do the research of course, but you can't go wrong with either of those guns. To find Spyders or Tippmanns, click any of the links below.
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How A Paintball Gun Works

Paintball Tips
Tournament Paintball Tip

Shoot them, before they shoot you ;)
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Whenever we go paintballing, the main goal is this... to have fun.

If you go, have fun too. You'll find it's very addicting. If you decide you want to purchase any equipment, here's the best place we've found to buy it:

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